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It’s beautiful to be alone. To be alone does not mean to be lonely. It means the mind is not influenced or contaminated by society.

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So I got the Number of you know who, didn’t mean Lordvoldemort haha so if you have Instagram be the one that going to change it to 667 and you’ll probably get a cool Artwork by Me…

illustration “Maleficent”

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Polaroid Animal Portrait Illustration With Circles and Shapes 

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Rest Of The Portrait

Portrait "Cara Delevingne"

By Aubin A Sadiki

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Any Body Out There ?

By Aubin A Sadiki

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The Last Sun And Night of 2013  ”New Year’s Eve”

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Ending Is The Beginning “The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show”

By Aubin A Sadiki

Mitch Lucker 1984 - 2012

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R.I.P to:

The kids That Lose Their Lives Due To Suicide and Bullying Causing By Other People, The People That Lives In Our Society…

These Kids They Don’t Get Any Recognition Into The Society Of Today Because We Are Told That They aren’t Good Enough, They Aren’t Pretty Or Popular Cause They Don’t Fit in

We Loosing Them Every Day And No One Seems To Notice Them And Care…

We are the Vulnerable and Mostly the Sensitive people…

We express Our Emotion thru Our daily life, because that’s what we have that keeps us Going forward in our World.

In our world, You’ll find Different type of people, people that believes in fairy Tale, imaginary world, a dark world were there is no happiness, Cause We have the Power to Create it and live in it as long as we can.

In our World You going to find the weirdos, that’s how they call us.

The thing is Once you get a Chance To visit Our World you’ll Understand that I’m not a weird kid that you use to think.

We just have a Different View cause we don’t live in The Same World…

Hope people will understand one Day and comprehend that we are the same…


Pattern For Covers and Packaging 

By Lost Talent 


Saint Franky Wish you All Happy Halloween…
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The Purpose of Life is To familiarize oneself With this after-death so called Body so that The act of Dying Will not create Confusion in the Psyche.